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All Purpose Magnetic Separators Print This Page Email This Page Bookmark
  • Variety of types of permanent magnets to meet the design need
  • Vertical or horizontal pole designs
  • Multi-pole units available
  • Excellent for recycling systems and processing plants

WN all-purpose magnetic pulleys offers more flexibility and are used in the widest variety of applications of any magnetic separator. Since they are used with a belt system they offer a simple way of separating product or material into common categories.
Two series are available. The 200 series is used with belts from 350 mm to 600 mm and is available in either vertical or horizontal poles configurations. The 300 series are available in widths from 350 to 900 mm and are available in only horizontal pole versions.
Although standard models are made using Ba-ferrite, custom designs for high temperature using Sm-cobalt are available as well as high-intensity neodymium models producing up to 12,000 Gs are available on request.
Applications include:

  • recycling systems
  • chemical processing
  • iron smelting
  • coal handling
  • food processing
  • ceramic production