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Dry, Self-Cooled Suspension Electromagnet Separator Print This Page Email This Page Bookmark
  • No insulating oil reduces fire hazard and maintenance
  • Maintains higher long term magnetic force over air-cooled or oil-cooled units
  • Not effected by vibration, oscillation or tilting loads
  • No oil design eliminates maintenance issue, fire hazard and paperwork

The HUF-S is a dry, self-cooled, suspension type of magnetic separator based on an innovative concept. A magnetization coil is connected to a radiant cooling plate via selective affinity (a patented hybridization method), producing an enhanced cooling effect. This new, suspension type hybrid magnetic separator is ideal for waste-processing plants handling bulky waste that generates large amounts of powdery dust.

The HUF-S does not use insulating oil or cooling fans and yet efficiently cools the unit maintaining maximum magnetic strength over long hours of operation. Insulating oil has a flash point of 150C and create a Class 4 hazardous substance requiring registration with fire authorities. Cooling fans create noise and consume additional power. Vibration, oscillation or tilting loads do not affect the HUF-S’s lightweight structure.