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  • Zero emissions unit
  • High thermal efficiency magnetic force generates heat
  • Control temperatures to specific levels
  • Simple, maintenance-free unit

The ECCD eddy current continuous dryer combines the age-old theory of eddy currents with the most advanced technology and materials resulting in an innovative thermal-energy generator for the 21st century. This system does not generate CO2 making it eco-friendly. Further, the drum generates heat on its own so no noise or dust is released into the environment. The line of magnetic force permeates the insulation material and causes the metal drum to generate and exceptional high thermally efficient heat. Temperatures can be easily controlled at specific levels. Since this unit uses eddy current to generate heat, maintenance if virtually non-existent.

When metal approaches a rotating permanent magnet, eddy current is generated in the metal due to induction creating heat in the metal. This is the principal used in ECCD dryer.

Powder processing, ceramic and clay processing, chemical processing, leather processing, fertilizer processing, and many more industries that utilizing drying as a function of their production should look at the ECCD eddy current continuous dryer as a strong potential for improving their eco-friendly approach as well as reducing their cost of production.