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  • Excellent for bulk waste line to recover aluminum
  • Streamlines separation of valuable metals from glass culls
  • Recover aluminum scrap in aluminum shell sand molds
  • Classification of aluminum and steel cans
  • Separates aluminum from crushed PET bottles
  • Separation of nails used in pachinko machines

The ALS eddy current separator is used mostly in recycling and recovery systems such as bulk waste, and aluminum molding sand. This system is excellent of the recovery of conductive but not necessarily magnetic attractive materials. Eddy current separators are useful for separation of aluminum, brass, copper, magnesium and other highly conductive materials. This system uses a high-energy permanent magnet inside a high-speed drum. As high conductive materials pass over the drum and through the magnetic field an eddy current occurs repelling the materials respective to their conductivity pushing them a distance determined by Fleming’s left hand law. Applications include aluminum waste recycling, aluminum mold sand recovery, culling aluminum, steel and glass, separation of aluminum and plastics, and other recovery application for conductive materials.

Two models are available. The ALS-L is for bulk materials, while the ALS-S is better for finer grain or crushed materials.