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Electromagnetic Separator Print This Page Email This Page Bookmark
  • Easy installation
  • Removes fine grains even in low fluidity
  • Able to process high temperature materials
  • Screens are easy to clean/maintain
  • Base material never enters separation chamber
  • Manual, semi-automated and automated systems available

The CG, AT and FAT electromagnetic separators are designed specifically to remove fine iron powders introduced to the base material during the grinding process. Model CG is a base unit model requiring mechanical removal of the magnetic filter screen. Model AT is a semi continuous operation unit with two legs. While one leg is filtering material, releasing the magnetic force cleans the other leg. Model FAT is a continuous operation unit. Two CG units are installed in parallel with timer to alternate the flow between the two units. Iron powder is collected in a dumper box. Common powder base materials include chemical powders, powdered minerals, and dehydrated powdered foods. This device commonly follows a milling or grinding operation.