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Electrostatic Corona Separator Print This Page Email This Page Bookmark
  • Separates metal and non-metal materials with grain size of .1mm to 5mm
  • Recover copper, aluminum from mineral casing
  • Separation of zirconium, rutile, ilmenite, tungsten, etc. from mineral
  • Effectively separates heavy metals from e-waste and appliances
  • Separates resins and laminated metals

Electrostatic separators are for separation of metals and non-metals that cannot be separated by conventional magnetic separators such as: eddy-current separators, wind separators, or heavy-fluid separators. This unit is designed for separation of fine grain materials ranging from 0.1mm to 5 mm.

Applications include recovery of metals from electronic boards, separation of resins and laminated metals, recovery of copper or aluminum from scrap cable, separation of zirconium, rutile, ilmenite, tungsten, and other conductive minerals, recovery of metals from minerals. Industries include bulk recycling, metal recovery, mining industries, dye and pigment processing, waste recovery.