Scrap Metal Recycling
Ferrous Bulk Scrap Removal
Ferrous Powder & Filings Removal
Ferrous from Liquid & Slurry Removal
Metals & Non-metals Separation
Powder & Bulk Solid Clog Prevention
Moving Bulk Scrap Metal
Aluminum & Copper Separation
Stainless Steel Separation
Road & Path Cleaning
Heating or Drying for Powders & Liquids
  • High Power Tube Magnet

    Nippon Magnetics’ tube magnets can capture fine magnetic attractive particles in liquids, slurries or powders. Industries include food processing and chemical processing along with various other processing industries.

  • Magnetic Strainer

    Magnetic Strainer

    The MS and SMS magnetic strainers are used in a wide variety of liquid and viscose slurries including foods, chemicals, paints, printing inks, lubricants, cutting oils, clay, pigments, dyes, sugar, dissolved pulp used paper and other high concentration and high viscosity liquids to remove iron powder and flakes including some forms of stainless steel.