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  • Easy to handle and install
  • High power magnet ensure reliable performance and long-life
  • Stainless or SUS316 tubes are easy to maintain
  • Magnetic flux density up to 12,000G
  • High temperature units available to 300C

Nippon Magnetic’s tube magnets are ideal for removing magnetic attractive materials from liquids or powders. Common industries include food and chemical processing plants along with other processing facilities. Tube magnets can be installed in small spaces such as outlets of material chutes or dumpers on manufacturing lines. They can be staged in layers or put together in zigzag, lattice or parallel assemblies.
Tube magnets consist of alternating layers of permanent magnets and iron filings inside a stainless steel shell creating a strong magnet over the entire tube. For additional power, we offer high-performance rare earth magnets producing flux density of 12,000 G. High temperature magnets for applications reaching 300C are also available.