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  • Available in horizontal and vertical pole
  • Separates iron and iron powder from graded recycled materials
  • Separates wood, mineral, ceramic, chemical and foods from ferrous materials

The EN and ENS permanent magnet drum separators are very commonly used in processing and recycling industries to remove, purify or separate materials, allowing them to be of higher value. EN and ENS separators work well for mining and mineral processing requires pulverizing materials and then separating the ferrous or iron content from the batch. Ceramics often deal with very fine powders, which are produced by metal grinding on metal. This leaves fine particles and residue of metal filing and powder, which need to be removed to purify the ceramic powder. Food processing – grinding wheat, oats, corn, etc. – use similar techniques, requiring the removal of the metal residue and powder. Chemical processing also requires pure base materials in order to have the proper chemical reaction and blending. Moving from fine powders to larger parts, recycling requires separating materials into their proper group to maximize their value. Wood and food processing are also common application for these separators. Nippon Magnetics’ EN and ENS separators are used throughout the world for sorting and separating ferrous metal from non-ferrous metal from plastic from glass, leaving each in their own bin.

EN - Model EN is a plain drum shaped separator used for both wet and dry applications. Two specific types are available; either horizontal or vertical poles.

The model EN is available in four standard drum diameters; 265 mm (10.4 in), 315 mm (12.4 in), 355 mm (14 in), and 405 mm (16 in). The drums are available in a number of widths ranges from 300 mm (11.8 in) to 900 mm (35.4 in) depending on the drum diameter – see table.

Processing capacity ranges between 20 M3/hour (706.3 cf/hour) to 118 M3/hour (4167.1 cf/hour) depending on the drum width and diameter. Custom products are available on request.

ENS – Model ENS is an EN separator enclosed in a housing. It may be used in wet or dry applications and the poles can be aligned either horizontally or vertically.

Since this unit is enclosed in a sheet metal housing1 the standard drum diameter can be extended to 508 mm (20 in). The drum width range is from 300 mm (11.8 in) to 1000 mm (39.3 in) depending on the drum diameter – see table.

Processing capacity ranges between 20 M3/hour (706.3 cf/hour) to 158 M3/hour (5579.7 cf/hour). Custom products are available on request. Air cooled high temperature models are also available on request. Standard product uses a ferrite magnet, 1 Stainless steel housing optional