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  • Electromagnet Drum Separator

    Electromagnet Drum Separator

    Recycling and waste separation are the applications where the EDS electromagnet drum separator is typically used. Its large drum allows it to capture ferrous metal parts and pieces. It is also useful in conjunction with a recycling shredder to separate plastics, glass and non-ferrous materials from the scrap iron and ferrous materials.

  • Permanent Magnet Separator

    Permanent Magnet Separator

    Recycling, Mining and mineral processing, Powder processing, Food processing and Ceramics are the most common industries needed to remove, purify or separate using the EN and ENS permanent magnet drum separators.

  • Dry, Self-Cooled Suspension Electromagnet Separator

    Dry, Self-Cooled Suspension Electromagnet Separator

    Recycling and process industries needing resource recovery of scrap iron are common industries utilizing the HUF-S because it maximizes magnetic strength over long operating hours.

  • Twin-pole permanent magnet Separator

    Twin-pole permanent magnet Separator

    Recycling and Reprocessing industries are most helped by Twin Pole permanent magnet separators. Typically, used in conjunction with other more traditional separation equipment the Twin Pole separator can catch and separate materials that have low magnetic attraction and may otherwise slip through into plastics or aluminum bins. The most typical industry utilizing this type of separators is the Recycling industry.

  • All Purpose Magnetic Separators

    All Purpose Magnetic Separators

    Common applications include: recycling, chemical processing, iron smelting, coal handling, food processing, and ceramics production.
    Separating materials into categories based on their magnetic attraction is common in industry and these general-purpose units can be configured to meet a wide variety of applications.

  • Heavy Duty Lifting Magnet

    Heavy Duty Lifting Magnet

    Ship yards, scrap metal yards, steel or iron production, metal fabricating, and bridge construction sites are the most common areas to see this heavy-duty lifting magnet being used.

  • Hand Magnetool

    Hand Magnetool

    The G-2 hand magnet tool lifts and hold ferrous parts and scrap until you release them. It is used in a broad reach of industries including manufacturing plants, construction, maintenance and clean-up and other production type operations.

  • Magnet Drum Sweeper

    Magnet Drum Sweeper

    Maintenance, Construction and Metal fabrication industries are the most common industries to use this unit. The powerful sweep rolls along with an effect swath of 500 mm collecting nails, screws, scrap metal bits, powder and ball bearings.

  • Stainless Steel Separator

    Stainless Steel Separator

    Food processors, wood working operations and chemical powder processors utilized the HGMP to remove weak magnetic materials such as stainless nuts, bolts, nails and flakes, maintaining the integrity of the product.

  • Eddy Current Separator

    Eddy Current Separator

    The ALS eddy current separator is used mostly in recycling and recovery systems such as bulk waste, and aluminum molding sand. This system is excellent of the recovery of conductive but not necessarily magnetic attractive materials.

  • Electrostatic Corona Separator

    Electrostatic Corona Separator

    Electrostatic separators are used in recycling, recovery, mining industries, dye and pigment processing, waste recovery.

  • High Power Magnetic Plate

    High Power Magnetic Plate

    Food processing, chemical processing and ceramics production are the three most common industries using this type of magnetic plate. Essentially, the plate captures ferrous particles that infiltrate powders, slurries and liquids from upstream processes.

  • Electromagnetic Lift Magnet