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  • Electromagnet Drum Separator

    Electromagnet Drum Separator

    The EDS electromagnet drum separator is typically used to recover scrap iron from bulk waste or in conjunction with a recycling shredder. The large drum is required because it is a course separation device and usually deals with medium to large pieces of scrap iron or ferrous metals.

  • Permanent Magnet Separator

    Permanent Magnet Separator

    The EN and ENS permanent magnet drum separators are among the most widely used type of magnetic separator and are utilized in a wide variety of applications. The most common application is removal of iron powder from a powdered base material. This is typically subsequent to a grinding or pulverizing operation in Mineral, Ceramic, Chemical or Food processing plants. Additional applications include Recycling plants to separate ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

  • Dry, Self-Cooled Suspension Electromagnet Separator

    Dry, Self-Cooled Suspension Electromagnet Separator

    Recycling, resource recovery and scrap iron removal are the most common applications for the HUF-S. This dry, self-cooled suspension type magnetic separator is specifically designed to maintain high magnetic force even after hours of operation.

  • Twin-pole permanent magnet Separator

    Twin-pole permanent magnet Separator

    The twin pole permanent magnet drum separators are a specialty type separator that are used on certain types of scrap iron separation processes that are not well suited to standard EN or ENS type separators. Scrap metal with low magnetic attraction, such as stainless or alloys, are accurately separated with Twin Pole type separators. Applications are recycling plants separating stainless and alloy metals from non-magnetic materials such as aluminum or plastic.

  • All Purpose Magnetic Separators

    All Purpose Magnetic Separators

    Nippon Magnetics offers a variety of magnetic pulleys including permanent magnet, electromagnetic, or a combination permanent/electromagnet.
    Applications include:

    • recycling systems
    • chemical processing
    • iron smelting
    • coal handling
    • food processing
    • ceramic production
    Ba-ferrite, Sm-cobalt and Neodymium version are available.

  • Heavy Duty Lifting Magnet

    Heavy Duty Lifting Magnet

    Bulk scrap metal lifting and transfer, and ferrous metal plate, coil, bar, or beam lifting are the major uses for this heavy-duty industrial lifting magnet.

  • Hand Magnetool

    Hand Magnetool

    This tool is great for collecting scattered parts, separating iron parts from other materials, or to transfer parts or assemblies to another location.

  • Magnet Drum Sweeper

    Magnet Drum Sweeper

    Collecting screws and nails in parking lots and traffic areas, recovery of metal bits and scrap from job sites and recovery of powders and scrap in production areas are typical applications for this 550 mm overall width sweeper.

  • Stainless Steel Separator

    Stainless Steel Separator

    Processing of food, powders and wood chips utilized grinding and milling which can leave fine flakes or broken parts such as nails, bolts and nuts in the product. The HGMP is designed specifically to remove these products and return the product to its pure state.

  • High Power Magnetic Plate

    High Power Magnetic Plate

    Applications that require the removal of ferrous chips and flakes from power, liquid or slurries utilize this type of magnet to assure product purity, remove iron particles and trap residue from machining, grinding or processing. Typical applications include food processing, manufacturing of chemicals, ceramics and steel.

  • Electromagnetic Lift Magnet

    Electromagnetic Lift Magnet